Purple Mountain Majesty

by Buendía

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Desert grooves from the Palo Verde Valley.


released January 1, 2014

Music born of solitude.

Words borne by World's Strongest Ghost




Buendía Blythe, California

Every day in this godforsaken desert is a good day.

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Track Name: Nostalgia Is Dead
Disco is dead
Punk is dead
Rock and roll is dead
EDM is dead
This summer's hit is dead
This week's Best New Music (copyright Pitchfork Media) is dead
That album that just leaked is dead
My attention span is...

I need a resurrection
I steal my recollections
Track Name: BAD7
In a dark place
with a sound too loud to speak
you asked me,
"What could this possibly mean?"
On a cold beach
under the light of a ferris wheel
I told you to stop
and think for a minute
In a dark time
we lost the trail of words
and you showed me
how cold your hand could be
and just for a moment
I stared like a kid at the sea
and you pulled me under
down to the bottom

The waves crash and call us to our deaths
The water's fine, warm like suicide

There was a time... There was a place...
Track Name: The Waiting State
You're gonna have to wait
'Cause it won't wait for you
Track Name: The Jungle
This one's for you
drowning at home
where's your friends?
you're all alone
This one's for you
inside your head
one last dance until you're dead
Track Name: Tenseless
The memories will crush me, but to be crushed with joy? Not ironic happiness, or benign amusement. So try on one more. I'm already drunk. Each time you come out of the closet my heart breaks, and I'm in love. But that's not the interesting part. None of this interesting. So slip off your dress again. I can't see. And i don't know that I've ever had a conversation before. The song's in another language but I know what it's about. And the trumpets blare bounces off your eyes. Your smile, ... twirl... on the hardwood floor. Whatever the tense, this is the shit.