Still Waiting

from by Buendía

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I see the sign up ahead
Says I should get out of bed
Put on a shirt and some pants
and do a mating dance
But what about the next day?
Do I just do the same?
Don't know how much of the week
I should just do me...

Made my downpayment for change
Got suckered by a rigged game
Paid more to level the plane
It crashed and burned anyway
Now I'm not calling it quits
But I don't know how to fix
A system based on gold bricks
Become an alchemist?

I make plans I know I'll break
I can't help myself these days

And I can see what my father sees
Looking at me so expectantly
Knowing that we will never be
The men we want our sons to see

Oh man I've tried and tried
To be / do more next time
Learning from my mistakes
Always a little too late
Oh God what sweet relief
To be buried in sleep
Until then I'm alive
I guess that counts for something

The day John died... nothing changed
The day Bob died... nothing changed
The day God died... nothing changed
The day Frank died... nothing changed

I just keep waiting

Nothing changes

We are nothing to anyone


from The Fog of Now, released June 15, 2015




Buendía Blythe, California

Every day in this godforsaken desert is a good day.

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