I Hate My Friends

from by Buendía

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I hate my friends

Buzzing behind the wheel in my mind
and my lane it feels so wiiiiiiiide
Cash strapped finishing glasses
last call exit the masses
and I'm a bullet of justice
too loaded to function

I don't know where I'm going
I don't know how to spend my time
I make some money
I spend that money

(I hate my friends)
They're always talking shit about me behind my back
(I hate my friends)
They told me my girlfriend's ugly
(I hate my friends)
They never show up when they say they're going to
(I hate my friends)
But they're the only ones I got

and I'm sick of their excuses

and I take them for granted

I hate my friends

I hate everyone and everyone hates me

I'm not asking for a soul mate
I'm not asking for a bestie
I just want a D.D.

I hate my friends


from The Fog of Now, released June 15, 2015




Buendía Blythe, California

Every day in this godforsaken desert is a good day.

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